Let Them Eat Shit

You have heard the saying, “Don’t make a Federal Case over it…” Sometimes I think we let litigation overrule common sense. The moon bats if California decided that farming was cruel. They voted to outlaw the sale of pork, eggs, and beef that didn’t live up to their false perception of how things should be done. Not mentioned in the law is dropping live shellfish or lobsters into boiling water. Catching fish and shrimp and allowing them to die a slow death out of water, is not addressed either. As Marie Antoinette once said, “Let them eat cake!” We know how that worked out for her.

The nation’s meat producers are arguing before the Supreme Court that the California law interferes with interstate commerce. It attempts to impose California law on other states, a violation of the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/supreme-court-hears-pork-industrys-challenge-to-california-animal-welfare-law/ar-AA12Pjsk

In 2018, 63% of California voters approved Proposition 12, a ballot measure to prohibit the sale of eggs or meat that originate from the extreme confinement of egg-laying hens, breeding pigs or calves raised for veal. The law was due to take full effect this year.

LA Times

I say give Californians what they want. Stop delivering the banned products to California. Everybody else can go about the business without being bothered by California silly shit. Instead, have all the products normally destined for California warehoused and available for sale in Arizona and Nevada. I’d skip Oregon, those goofy bastards are probably kicking themselves because California came up with the ban first. I think Pahrump, Nevada would be a natural location. Pahrump is already home to whorehouses. Warehouses would lead to one stop shopping.

Basing banned food warehouses will demonstrate just where California public sentiment lies. I envision, just over the state line, in Nevada or Arizona, 100-acre parking lots jammed with California cars. Grocery carts piled high with bacon with lines ten deep, all populated by Californians. Then the run for the border. Don’t think it will happen? Look how well legalized marijuana growing has worked out.

Trust me on this it will work.

There are added benefits. Overnight commercial truck traffic would decrease significantly. Train traffic will decrease also. Pressure on the California ports would decrease. Can’t be loading all those ships with meat exports. The are other benefits that may not so obvious.

Instead of moonshiners California could give rise to a whole new industry pork pirates! Not to be confused with Rump Rangers already ensconced in San Francisco. Daring young men, fast cars, horrific crashes and the smell of pork roasting wafting from the wreckage.

Those who forget history are destined to repeat it. Look how well prohibition worked. For a more modern version just head to the Massachusetts/New Hampshire line on any given day. You can’t find a parking center in New Hampshire malls because they are all taken by Massholes. Masshole is the proper term for denizens of Massachusetts. They are all shopping in New Hampshire to avoid paying Massachusetts sales tax.

Even John Kerry got in on the action. Here is his yacht, moored in Rhode Island

John Kerry ducking Massachusetts taxes


Spread the work to all Californians, PLANTS FEEL PAIN WHEN THEY ARE HARVESTED! Ban all farm products.

Some ideas take time to take root.
What would Tony do?