Quote: How can he see he’s got flies in his eyes if he’s got flies in his eyes?*

Blogging has been lite this past week or so. I can explain. When I first started PORAC, my entries had a common theme. They represented a slightly twisted view of current events. Second, I commented on stories related to law enforcement. Oftentimes, I pointed out the innate bias or downright misrepresentation of facts by the MSM.

What has changed is in the current climate nothing is too bizarre for the MSM. Facts be damned, try to find a starting point on which to base a story. Just how does one compose a satirical view on satire? Straight news, isn’t. I’m still around. It is just difficult to outdo the MSM. They are doing a better job of beclowning themselves than I ever could.

  • Catch-22, Orr explains to Yossarian