What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Evelyn-Farkas-goes-full-sergeant-schultz.php is the former Obama administration and campaign organizer that appeared to confirm that Trump associates and their intercepted conversations were intentionally released by persons in the Obama White House. This is a Federal felony.

Yet, she seems unconcerned. The evil Republicans starve and kill old people for fun. Republicans slaughter third world folks for oil. They kill unarmed black men who try to run people over with cars. Let’s no forget Republicans keep women down, arrest them on false charges and then rape them. Yet, she seems unconcerned.

Waiting for the other shoe to fall. You think Obama went wild with commutations wait until you get a load of his blanket pardons for unadjudicated crimes.  Can a Presidential pardon cover a time period or do you need one for each offense charged?