Only A Damn Fool Brings a Knife to a Gunfight

I have no sympathy for the Palestinians.  Since this crap has gone on for generations, I think the Israeli government needs to take it to the next step. Spay, neuter and chip those Palestinians they release, it has done wonders to limit the stray dog population in the United States.

Going back to the 70’s on into the 80’s back when the faggot Arafat was financing the high profile hijacking of aircraft and convoluted hostage dramas there was little support for the Palestinian cause. Arafat, the PLO and Hamas changed tactics.  The good news was the new regime was cheap, played to the liberals sense of fairplay and made for great sound bites on TV. The bad news is that showed that there is no hope for the Palestinian people.

The Palestinians stopped their high tech targeting and went decidedly low tech. Rocks and slingshots, BFR’s (Big Fucking Rocks) molotov cocktails with an occasional car or bulldozer thrown in.  It made the perfect TV moment, scrawny teens throwing rocks, using slingshots and molotov cocktails against Israeli soldiers armed with M-16’s, shotguns and grenade launchers loaded with less than lethal munitions.

The problem is rocks and ball bearings in a slingshot, or BFR’s dropped from an overpass, or molotov cocktails kill.  They may not be as efficient as an M-16 but hey, dead is dead. Rachel Corrie, everybody’s favorite parking pad, proved a D-9 Caterpillar parked on your chest will have an adverse effect on your medical records.

What the apologists for Palestinians and the useful idiots that travel with them fail to understand is that while the end result of the conflict is often the same, death, the goals are different.  Palestinian mothers raise their children to hate Jews and the Jewish state. Mama can collect a pretty good paycheck if junior will just blow himself up at the local market.  Since Junior isn’t doing anything productive anyway, it is a good deal all around.

When one of those brave rock throwers, or improvised missile launchers sends a projectile downrange, he has no idea who it  will hit.  There is no guarantee that the chosen device will work.  There is no thought as to consequences for the cannon fodder manning the mortars and missiles.  Both sides know that Israeli counter battery fire is so accurate that after the first Palestinian round is fired the firing location is charted and subject to a firing mission that will hit the target before the third round is fired. Putting ammo dumps and hospitals in the same location is a flaw not a feature.

When the Palestinian fires chances are the target on the receiving end represents a target of no military value or threat.  It could be people clustered at a bus stop, an individual driving to work or kids on the way to school. It’s all the same to the Palestinian.

When an Israeli soldier fires on a Palestinian it is a different story.  The shooting is in response to an observed hostile act, on the part of a specific individual, that violates the rules of any civilized society.  Punishment does not enter into the occasion. Through acts and deeds an individual has demonstrated the intent and ability to commit acts clearly dangerous to human life and to continue to do so until stopped.  A .223 is effective in delivering the message that that behavior must stop.

Now the Palestinians have embarked on a new scheme the press is reporting four Palestinians Killed after they attempted to kill Israeli soldiers and civilians armed with a knife. This latest public relations stunt will not play in Texas.  Everybody in Texas knows and if you happen to forget, you will be reminded every weekend, “Only a damn fool brings a knife to a gunfight.”