You’ve Come A Long Way Baby, Just Not Far Enough

Transgender issues don’t do anything for me.  Most of the transgendered I have dealt with are mentally ill, over an above their gender confusion. Gender is an artificial construct.  If you read the various articles you will find individuals who have crossed the line multiple times going from male to female, back to male, or as male as can be after being gelded. 

The funny thing is that when it comes to crossing lines in bathroom use, it’s usually females who offend.  In my own experience I cannot recall an incident where a male was arrested in a female bathroom.  I can think of several instances of females being arrested in male bathrooms. Typically the setting is a large event, sporting or concert where large quantities of beer are readily available. The lines build up at the ladies restroom, while the guys just wiz through. (Couldn’t help it). A woman will break for the men’s room and the first available stall. This is actually pretty efficient because they don’t spend anytime checking their hair or makeup, on the way out.

Which leads to my question?  Is this legislation necessary? Take into consideration  style, fashion can be male, female or anything in between.  Are jeans and a tee shirt male or female attire? It would seem to me that if a transsexual is truly trying to “pass” then the other restroom users would never know. The only tip off, once in a stall would be the direction the toes are pointing and the size twelve EEE pumps.

If a guy can’t pass, three days growth of beard will do that, then the Versace dress with matching purse probably won’t help. Guys will accept you in the men’s room.  “You’ve come a long way baby, just not quite far enough.”

It’s kinda like these gun free zones, that I routinely ignore. You will never know if I am carrying or not. That is until you see the gun in my hand. When you do, search for cover and stick your fingers in your ears because it is fixing to get loud.