Yeah, So?

The MSM is making a big deal about a French nun who took out an environmental wacko. Ho-hum. He’s just lucky she didn’t have a ruler with her. That lack saved him from an ass whooping.

Any good Catholic boy knows better than to fuck with a nun. Here is an except from my first book. The UNIT, Into the Briar Patch Call it hyperbole but there are some parochial school boys who are liable to disagree.

On Wednesday, AUSA Jacobs called. Jesse ended up in Gentry’s office on speaker phone. “I just don’t think we have enough PC (probable cause) to get into Amy’s house or her secondary residence,” said Jacobs. “Quite frankly I want in, and I think when we pop her in San Antonio we’ll find something incident to the arrest to get us our warrants. “You are not getting the first team down here. We got two DEA agents that are measuring the time until their retirement in days.

As an added bonus you get two baby DEA agents who have not yet shit between real police shoes. “You also get Father Dominic and Mother May I. There is a rumor Mother May I placed second in a statewide SWAT competition. She was by herself.

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