Time to Revise Ad Campaigns from Yesteryear

People of a certain age may remember the AT&T slogan, “Reach out and Touch Someone” It appears that the Russians have revised it with a vengeance. Hope the number they dialed was longer than seven digits.

A wire from a military communications device TA-57, which security forces use for torture with electric shocks, appears to be connected to his intimate parts.

Metro News

If that doesn’t work how about this one?

One more blast from the past. The smiley face was oftentimes accompanied by the slogan, “have a Nice Day!”

In cop speak, “have a nice day!” translated meant, “Fuck you, the horse you rode in on and the little brown dog that followed you!”

I am not an advocate for such behavior on the part of police, especially American police. However, Russian cops operate under a different set of rules. Sucks to be a goat fucker. Imagine this terrorist’s disappointment when he finds out all his virgins are named IGOR and they are all hung like a racehourse.