That’s Gratitude For Ya!

A Bexar County deputy shot and killed a wacko, Nick Norris, who was trying to kill the deputy. It turns out the wacko had been in and out of the mental health system on four previous occasions, after law enforcement referrals. There is no telling how many times he interacted with the system based on self or family referrals. None of it took. But according to the family attorney, it is the cop’s fault.

Here is the attorney’s take:

“The tragedy of this situation is that Nick Norris was in need of help, and an officer who is sworn to help citizens ended up taking his life. We see this irony play out over and over with people who have mental health challenges.

attorney Nicolette Ward

Not one word of gratitude. Let’s hear it for the deputy. Due to his efforts, Nick Norris is no longer crazy. The family doesn’t have to worry about where he is. Gone are the concerns about what kinda shit he is going to stir up next. That, in the words of some credit card commercial is PRICELESS!