Professional Courtesy

White House Flag at Half staff to honor Atlanta Shooting Victims

Basement Joe ordered flags at half staff in honor of the Atlanta shooting victims. You know the ones killed in massage parlors. If you accept the story put out by the MSM, they were killed by a bible thumping white guy. He went on a rampage because the easy availability of masseuses enabled him to pursue his “sex addiction”. Stop me if you’ve heard this one, money for sex. There is a term for that. I know, I know… prostitution.

I am in no way blaming the victims, beyond the fact that they placed themselves in a risky line of work. I also don’t accept the shooters justification. I deplore the death of these women. Basement Joe’s action shows that when it comes to whoring nobody can beat Basement Joe, Kamaltoe and democrats. Biden is engaging in nothing more than Professional Courtesy.

I guess it is to be expected of this administration.

You say democrat, I say prostitute. Same, same!