Nomination For a Hero Badge

When I was a cop TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) was the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education. (TCLEOSE). I don’t know why the name was changed. I always assumed it was to dodge process servers and bill collectors. TCLEOSE/TCOLE was supposed to be the state regulator for police officers in Texas. Believe that and you’ll fall for the old saw, “I promise not to cum in your mouth.”

Uvalde CISD fired Chief Arredondo after he stood idly by while a gunman shot up one of the schools he was charged with protecting. The school district reported the firing to TCOLE and characterized his discharge as general. This means that his dismissal was under a cloud and other disciplinary actions, by the school district, were rendered moot. A general discharge would serve as a red flag to any other agencies who contemplated hiring him. Arredondo challenged the general discharge. TCOLE responded by caving in like the little bitch that Texas cops know and treat with contempt.

Surprise, surprise! the school district challenged the TCOLE ruling. An administrative law judge heard the case and ruled for the school district. The judge reinstated the general discharge.

I put a case on a cop in my unit. He was stealing dope from the evidence locker. The case went Federal, and he got twelve years to do in a club fed to be determined. Two years later, TCLOSE reported that the ex-cop and now convicted felon voluntarily surrendered his Texas Peace Officer License. It took two years for TCLEOSE to figure out he was in prison. Even then TCLEOSE relied on a mother may I by asking him to surrender his license. It has been over twenty years since that happened and I’m still pissed!