Nomination For a Hero Badge

There is an old saying: “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” I guess it could be updated, “Snowflakes, if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the police station.” I’m old. In my day, “pass the fuckin salt”, was considered polite conversation around the police station. I still remember, with pride, my first at-a-boy. My sergeant looked at me and said, “Well at least you didn’t fuck that up to bad.” Times change.

The Fair Oaks Ranch Police Chief is under fire for not being kind and nurturing, speaking harshly and delivering controlled substances to fellow officers, but mostly for being a meany. The officer complaining says she was intimidated by the Chief’s attitude. I should hope so. He is the boss. He gives orders, underlings obey. A police department is not a debating society. I recall at least one meeting where the Chief promised to, “fuck me until my nose bled.” I didn’t take offense. I heard him loud and clear. He said: the preceding suggestion had a high priority and was not subject to debate. It behooves a Chief to give clear concise orders. The Chief got his way. Here is an example of the Chief’s abusive activity.

Moring is accused of slamming his hands on his desk, knocking over items, during a meeting with the female officer in his office last month, the complaint states.

“I am not going to put up with your piss a** attitude or gender claiming bullsh** anymore!” Moring told the officer, according to her complaint.

Complaint by unnamed female officer

Maybe it is just me, but it seems like the little lady was employing some intimidation tactics of her own. What I find disturbing is the Chief of Police handing out a controlled substance to his officers and encouraging them to consume them. The delivery and possession are criminal acts. Keep in mind, it is likely all of the individuals under the influence of mood-altering substances were likely armed. The officers who witnessed the event and took no action have not covered themselves in glory either. This event took place in the distant past. If the distant past exceeded twelve hours, Then I haven’t got any use for any of the cops involved.

It appears that the whole culture of the police department is broken. The city might do well to get out of the law enforcement business. No this isn’t a defund police thing. This is contracting with the Sheriff’s office to provide law enforcement services.

So, who is to blame? The Chief of Police is hired by the city council, politicians. How likely is it that those politicians are going to hire somebody that occupies a higher rung on the intelligence and ethical scale? I wouldn’t want my sister to marry a politician. If I ever invited a politician to dinner, you could bet the family silver will be locked away.

The Chief then sets out to hire officers that meet with his approval. In other words, birds of a feather. Again, how likely is it that the Chief is going to hire somebody smarter than him? Don’t get me wrong. Every once and a while an intelligent, ethical Chief candidate slides by the selection committee. That’s called a mistake. More often than not a city ends up with somebody like McManus in San Antonio a self-serving, self-promoting snake with an agenda.

I have a theory about why city councils like to hire an outsider. The various factions, on the council, suspect all of the candidates from within the department. They are sure that internal candidates are in somebody’s pocket. They just aren’t sure whose. In the interest of fair play the pick an outsider so that all of the various factions will have a level playing field. It’s a buyers’ market.

I don’t know anything about the officer that filed the complaint. I’m not really impressed. Serpico she ain’t. Given the past performance of the Chief, based on her complaint, I can hazard a guess. If he hired her than I would expect her to meet criteria that he could live with. Good tits, nice ass and works well under supervisors. I could be wrong….