Nomination For a Hero Badge

This is embarrassing. I used to be proud of the fact that I was a cop for thirty years. These days? Cop? Why no, I was a piano player in a whorehouse.

Cops went after an 80-year-old man for speeding 38 in a 35. (Huh?) He didn’t stop, he didn’t speed up either. The police hero called in a pursuit. (You gotta be kidding) Cops from multiple agencies responded. The old guy reached his destination and stopped. The cops told him to get on the ground. He said, “Huh?” So, they tazed him. The idiot who initiated this cluster fuck is a Lieutenant and should know better.

I have a friend and mentor who retired as a Sergeant of a major police department. He maintains that the most useless rank in any police organization is that of Lieutenant. He may have a point.

Communities get the type of law enforcement they deserve. Wonder how bad the citizens of Iola fucked up to get saddled with this bunch of clowns?