Nomination For a Hero Badge

I’ve seen this before. Hold on I’ll remember when….

Barricaded Suspect siege continues for the third day

SAN ANTONIO – Update (Saturday, Aug. 6): San Antonio police are at a Stone Oak apartment complex on Saturday, where they say a male suspect remains inside a unit.
The standoff has spanned three days so far. On Friday, a female officer could be heard telling the man to “stop acting like a little girl” and “be a man.”

I remember now!

Blazing Saddles, “Don’t move or the nigger gets it.”

How times have changed! Forty years ago, a guy started shooting up his neighborhood. He retreated inside his home when police arrived. He was alone, no hostages, not even a dog. The SWAT team showed up and established a perimeter. The negotiators showed up but after establishing contact, the guy threw his phone out the window. He couldn’t be bothered.

SWAT delivered another phone. This was before cell phones. We called them throw phones back then. It was a dedicated line to the negotiators. He ignored it. They cut off his water and electricity, didn’t bother him. SWAT snipers and observers were able to observe the suspect’s routine. He cooked dinner and then he took a nap.

The negotiators decided that this guy was too comfortable. They instructed SWAT ratchet up the tension without making entry or risking a confrontation. SWAT complied and a secret police weapon was deployed for the first time. The BFR.

SWAT officers began pelting the house with rocks. Being cops and holding to the adage that anything worth doing is worth doing to excess, they concentrated on the windows. There is a certain satisfaction in hearing glass break. All throughout the night and the next morning the house was subjected to a barrage of rocks. Finally, the guy decided to give up.

The negotiators instructed him to come out the front door with his arms up. The suspect stated that the door wouldn’t open, but he could come out a window onto the front porch. He did and he got his ass captured.

SWAT officers later cleared the residence. They discovered the reason the front door would not open. The crook spent the night gathering up the thrown stones and piled them against the front door. They found one rock where it landed. It was too big for one person to lift.

In case you haven’t figured it out, the BFR is more commonly known in civilian circles as a Big Fucking Rock.

When I was with the narcotics task force the jump out van had a BFR as standard equipment. I know I used it.