Liberal Bigotry

I’ve decided that the soundtrack for the current BLM inspired movement is the Limbo. Too young to recall? Here is an example “The Limbo Rock”. The question posed “How low can you go?” Power Line Blog refers to the current climate as the “War on Standards”. Could be. I think it is the movement to institute “no expectations. This is racism in its purest form.

The cops had no business shooting an out of control knife wielding black teenage girl. Afterall she was only wielding a deadly weapon in an attempt to murder a playmate. In the rest of the nation this is defined as attempted murder. Not so in the black community. With four adults looking on, this is considered a supervised playdate.

George Floyd, a career criminal engaged in committing yet another felony who died resisting arrest is not a felon noted for his bad choices throughout life. No, he was a black man searching for martyrdom and a shining example of what it is to be black.

George Floyd

Math is hard, therefore it must be racist. It needs to be removed from the curriculum. Baring that its influence to determine learning success must be lessened.

Where have I heard such sentiments put into action in the past? Oh yeah, in the democrat controlled south that made it illegal to educate black slaves. This was followed by the ever popular ‘separate but equal” segregated schools.

Separate but equal schools are still with us. They have just been repackaged as “career schools”. They are a multi-billion dollar industry. The goals are noble, the results are not. The grist for these schools are students who don’t qualify for college or can’t afford the tuition. The only requirement to attend a career school is the ability to sign one’s name. The schools offer student loans that cover the course of study and money in the student’s pocket for living expenses.

The reality is the training offered can be had free. For example, in Texas, the occupation of Medical Assistant is not regulated. There is no license or certification required. The average salary according to is $14.53 an hour. An entry level employee at MacDonald’s makes $9.05 an hour. In order to become a Medical Assistant, one only has to work under the supervision of a physician.

Career schools offer an alternative. Concorde Career Schools, in San Antonio, Tx offers the prospective student Medical Assistant training. The course is nine months long. The tuition is $17,198, that breaks down to $661 per credit hour. Texas A&M is a bargain charging only $292 per credit hour. The credit hours from Texas A&M are transferable and a degree from Texas A&M gives the student entry to advanced courses of study. The credits earned at Concorde Career School are not transferable or recognized by anybody, anywhere.

This is one example of the educational opportunities offered to the disadvantaged. Years ago I was interviewing a prospective informant. He claimed that he was about to enter school. He was going to become a Certified Nurse’s Aide. He told me that he had a talent for the medical field. The prospective snitch described how he removed a bullet from his own leg. The school guidance counselor agreed with him. Learning how to empty bed pans in the CNA course would put him on the path towards being a surgeon. Ultimately he didn’t qualify to be a snitch.

Every weekend, in black neighborhoods people are being shot and killed or injured. The MSM doesn’t consider it newsworthy because it is only black folks doing for other black folks. It isn’t hate that plagues the black community it is indifference.

George Washington Carver was born a slave. He was probably the most prominent black scientist of the early 20th Century. He invented 300 uses for peanuts.

Forty years ago the next to last Police Chief I respected made a comment that I didn’t understand at the time. He claimed that “policy” or “standards” represented the lowest level of achievement and therefore were nothing to brag about. They gave the lame, lazy and stupid a terminal objective and no a reason to achieve higher aspirations. Those that were capable of better were restrained from higher performance due to procedural roadblocks set in place to control the under achievers. I understand him now.