It Worked for Jimmy Stewart

Power Line Blog has a post about the recent Easter festivities at the White House. What was supposed to be a photo op veered into dangerous territory when reporters asked Basement Joe what he thought. At that point, the Easter Bunny intervened and steered President Poopy Pants towards a group of nine-year-olds. The guys at Power Line failed to take into consideration the power and influence that the Easter Bunny wields in popular culture. I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane.

First up is the story of Elwood P Dowd. Dowd is an amicable eccentric who is accompanied by a pooka. (A pooka is a creature rooted in Celtic mythology). Dowd’s pooka takes shape in the form of a six-foot-tall rabbit, that only he can see. Who says life doesn’t imitate art? Dowd’s sister wants to have both of them committed. This is starting to sound familiar. Compare and contrast. The only disconnect I see is that Jimmy Stewart was playing a role. President Poopy Pants not so much…

President Poopy Pants taking orders from the Easter Bunny

There are other Bunnies that come into play. There is the 1988 film:

Not all bunnies are cute fluffy things. Those old enough will recall the assassination attempt mounted against Jimmy Carter back in 1979.

Other rabbits come to mind. Lewis Carroll came up with the March Hare. The March hare is a character from “Alice in Wonderland.” Here is the March Hare as portrayed by Disney. No word on which gender the March Hare prefers. Come to think of it, “Alice in Wonderland” could be the playbook for the current administration.

No collection of fantasy bunnies would be complete without mentioning Hugh Hefner and the bunny image he created.

The ultimate Bunny fantasy.

I would be remiss to not include another Easter Bunny story. This is from a previous posting on PORAC.

The Poopy Pants Easter Bunny was none other than Meghan Hays. Here is what the University of California has to say about her. Think of her twenty-year reunion. All those years in college, leading to this high point of in her career.

Meghan Hays, appointed director of message planning, White House
Hays, a Sacramento native and UC Davis graduate, will be the director of message planning for President Biden, having previously served as deputy communications director for strategic planning for Biden for President. Hays has a long working relationship with Biden, having acted as deputy communications director during Biden’s years as vice president in the Obama administration. 

University of California, press release

They say that everybody is a hero in their own tale. Had Hays not stepped in and redirected Joe’s attention to nine-year-olds bad shit might have happened. At worst President Poopy Pants might have embarrassed his supporters. Joe hasn’t got the mental capacity to be embarrassed. He might have committed the United States to a course of action, unanticipated by a rational mind. One wrong utterance from Joe and Putin might have pushed the nuclear button. I suspect, in the retelling the hero will get a little touch up.