The FBI arrested a group of idiots for plotting to kidnap Governor Whitmer. The dubious tactics used by FBI were overshadowed by the arrest of the case agent for family violence. He has been fired. The case agent is the principal investigator in a case. He is akin to the ringmaster in a circus. This is an appropriate metaphor because the FBI clowns were performing in the center ring. All they lacked were the cute little cars.

The linked article was written by a former United States Attorney. It is valuable from the standpoint that the reader is schooled in what constitutes entrapment. Entrapment is not allowed as opposed to merely affording a crook the opportunity.

Back to our intrepid fired FBI agent. His troubles began after he took his wife to a wife swapping event. Once home she objected to being part of the evening festivities. Her objections were vociferous enough that he struck her, then choked her and finally banged her head on the nightstand. She called the cops. They tracked him down and arrested him.

The question is, did the soon to be ex-wife merely afford him the opportunity to beat her. Or did her spirited objections cross the line? In other words, did she entrap him?