National Enquirer Beats New York Times in Credibilty

Mark your calendars, it is not often that I agree with CNN and the New York Times. On Friday, mainstream media reporters from the New York Times and CNN whined after President Donald Trump’s White House relegated them to the rear of the Rose Garden during Trump’s press conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. CNN-New-York-Times-whine-relegated-Siberia-Trump-press-conference/

I believe in the First Amendment. That does not mean that all the press has all access, all the time. There are numerous occasions when the press agrees to “pool reporting” where footage is shot by one entity but shared with all. There is limited space available on Air Force One, not all the reporters get to fly with the President. If you get right down to it, there is probably a maximum number of media allowed at various venues for press conferences. This means that space is at a premium. The White House was wrong to place CNN and the New York Times at the back of the pack. This is a childish display.

Based on the reporting by both organizations, the only appropriate response is to revoke the press credentials for both entities and all reporters associated with them. They can still report the news, they just can’t do it from venues within the White House control.

There are deserving local media that could step in and provide better quality reporting than what is currently provided. “The Mount Vernon Gazette” is a local newspaper. CNN can be replaced by Channel 16, Cable Central, Fairfax, they have experience covering County Commissioners meetings.