Man Assaulted With Nerf Gun

Genesius Times Blog announced that in keeping with Beto’s gun grabbing scheme, that the would be Presidential Candidate and fake Mexican was going to arm his security detail with nerf guns.

The article was pretty funny. Then real life intruded and drove it into the stratosphere.

Life Imitates Satire

Anh Thi Pham, 40, of West Monroe, Louisiana was arrested after she beat the hell out of her cheating husband. To accomplish that goal she used a pair of nerf guns.

Nerf Guns

There are two lessons to learned here. One is that one person’s irony and satire is another person’s reality. Tell the straying hubby that nerf guns don’t hurt. Second, an inanimate object isn’t intrinsically violent. The violence is brought into the equation by the person wielding it.

Seems like everything the fake Mexican touches turns to shit. It is pretty tough when a character conceived in New York and Chicago, by a white boy, and given voice by a Jewish California based actor, Mel Blanc is more Mexican than Beto.

Frito Bandito