Never mind, It’s Portland

The City of Portland has banned urinals in the $195 million remodel of the Portland Building, which houses administrative offices for the city. While urinals use less water than toilets, they are a relic of a bygone era when men and women were recognized as biologically different.

The City of Portland remodeled their city administration building, to the tune of 195 million dollars. Part of the renovation included the removal of all the urinals in the building. This remodel represents a triumph for inclusiveness, at the expense of intersectionality.

Urinals use less water than toilets. This means that city hall water use will increase substantially. Water conservation will take a hit in Portland.

If inclusiveness was the goal, then why not put urinals in all the rest rooms? Raise your hand if you have never found a drunken coed using an adjoining urinal at a Frat 100 kegger party? If women can use a urinal while drunk, sober shouldn’t be a trick at all. Could this be a manifestation of the belief that women can’t operate something as complex as a urinal?

On the other hand it makes sense to take out the urinals. The lack of urinals will not impose a hardship. Men, in Portland, haven’t stood up to pee in at least a generation.

Think about the poor transsexuals. They fought long and hard to get into the lady’s room. Just when the wackos are about to gain entry to the promised land, it’s gone. Hurrah for unisex!