Animal Rights is Fascism

Kosher slaughter

Understand this is coming from a goyum and is not Rabbi approved. The first food safety regulations were put into place by the Jews. With no strong civil authority, they promulgated these rules under the guise of religion. The dietary rules, the Kashrut, dictate what foods and preparation are acceptable. Kosher foods or preparation are designed to conform to those regulations.

Admittedly, the process required by Kashrut predates modern techniques. However the intent under Kashrut rules was humane treatment of the animal during the process.

Modern factory methods utilize electric shock to incapacitate the animal. It is not always successful, but nothing is ever 100%. In factory slaughter operations the animal is stunned either by electric current or smacked in the head with a bolt.

Kosher slaughter requires that the animal be in good health and alive (not stunned). The butcher then cuts the animals throat, severing the major structures. Yeah, it ain’t pretty. Never buy meat from a butcher. Go to the grocery store where it comes in those nifty plastic wrapped packages.

In the United States, PETA has specifically targeted Kosher and the Muslim equivalent Halal slaughterhouses. Let’s not forget that the goal of PETA is to eliminate the consumption of meat products entirely. No method of slaughtering animals will meet with the approval of PETA.

In Belgium, specifically Flanders, Kosher and Halal slaughter methods are now banned. See the link.

This path has been trod before. I think it is fitting that the animal rights crowd are emulating their kindred spirits and philosophical mentors. The only question remains were the animal rights folks unaware of the previous attempt?

On April 21, 1933, Nazi Germany enacted a law that had the effect of outlawing kosher slaughter in the country. The law did not actually mention Jews or shechita (kosher slaughter); instead, it prohibited the killing of animals for food if they hadn’t first been stunned or anesthetized. Because kosher slaughter requires that the animal be conscious at the time it is killed, it no longer conformed to the law.

Haaretz (Israeli Daily Newspaper)

The population of Flanders is concentrated in urban areas, but is largely rural. It appears that hunting is a allowed in Flanders. Hunters can take their best shot at a conscious animal, possibly wound it before ultimately killing it. In other words, slaughter for consumption. Pull up a Google satellite image of Flanders. I see a lot of farm land. There is more farm land than urban.

I am not sure that the prohibition extends to a farmer that slaughters livestock for personal use. I suspect animals raised for commercial consumption are sold live for delivery to slaughter houses and purveyors.

If hunting and personal consumption are exempt then the regulation is less about animal welfare and more about targeting certain markets.

Oh well, it only took the Nazis eighteen days to capture Belgium in 1939. They’re back in the form of animal rights activists and never fired a shot.

What would Tony do?