Silly Shit #645

Yet another investigative forum the FBI can enter…. and fuck up. This isn’t going to end well.

I haven’t read the legislation but I see this impacting animal agriculture, farming and meat processing operations. Say goodbye to foie gras, veal, lobster, and shell fish. Prepare for increased costs for beef, pork, and lamb.

Picture an FBI agent that thinks all meat comes from the supermarket nestled in Styrofoam trays and covered in plastic. Now put this same FBI agent in a commercial slaughter house. It may not be pretty, but it isn’t wantonly cruel. Take it a step further. Let’s put this agent down on a family farm that slaughters its own animals. Chances are the methods aren’t going to be as sophisticated as at commercial slaughter plants. I’m not done yet. Let’s go to a kosher slaughter house. Techniques used in commercial operations are not allowed under Kosher guidelines. What is a city boy to do?

Here is what happened in Belgium when the Belgians decided to address perceived animal cruelty in slaughterhouses. They followed the example set by the Nazis. Hitler also came up with slaughterhouse rules that banned Kosher butchering.

Local officials familiar with local ways and resources available are able to determine what “normal” is in their particular area and industry. Nationalize enforcement and suddenly the central regulators are confronted with dozens of ways to achieve the same goal.

Bureaucracies like simple. Dozens of ways is complicated. To make life easy for the bureaucrats, rather than the people subject to regulations, it is simpler to mandate one way of doing things. Infrastructure expense be damned, it is not the bureaucrat’s money.

One final consideration is that the FBI agents charged with enforcing this new law. Does the term “best and the brightest” mean anything to you? Well forget it. Best and brightest are not the FBI guys that will be doing the enforcement. The lame, lazy and SAC’s nightmare are the agents that will be charged with animal cruelty investigations. Farmers will be lucky if these guys can differentiate between a cow, steer and a bull.

What would Tony do?