Nomination For A Hero Badge

Texas enacted a Constitutional Amendment to dictate how law enforcement agencies could go about disposing of retiring law enforcement K-9’s. I voted against the proposition because it does nothing for the dogs and everything for the limp dicked asshole bureaucrats. Here is the rationale for the proposition:


What did Proposition 10 change?

Under the state’s Local Government Code in 2019, a retiring police dog or working animal was classified as salvage or surplus property and, according to code, surplus or salvage property could be auctioned, donated to a civic or charitable organization, or destroyed.[2] According to the Texas Senate Research Center, the existing Local Government Code made transferring a retiring animal to its handler difficult.[3] Proposition 10 would allow agencies to transfer a dog, horse, or another animal to the animal’s handler or another qualified person if the transfer is in the animal’s best interest.[1]

Who was considered qualified to receive a retired animal?

The Texas State Legislature passed Senate Bill 2100 (SB 2100) as legislation to further implement Proposition 10. SB 2100 allowed a law enforcement agency’s highest-ranking officer, such as a sheriff, constable, or chief, to determine who receives the animal. SB 2100 required the officer to consider people in the following order: (a) a former handler who retired due to injuries sustained in the line of duty; (b) the family of a former handler who was killed in the line of duty; (c) any other former handler; (d) any other police officer, county jailer, or dispatcher; and (e) any other person. SB 2100 also required the officer to consider whether a person is capable of humanely caring for the animal.[4]

I had a dope dog when I was with the narcotics task force. The K-9 represented a substantial investment. I think my dog, Monty, cost the task force about $9,000. He also got a brand new car, room and board.

When I joined the task force, the boss wasn’t out of any money. I got a fifteen year old Datsun 280 Z, that the task force took away from a dope dealer. No free room and board. Occasionally I got to write off beer and cigarettes as an undercover expense.

Another K-9, in the unit, Rico, had reached the end of his enforcement career. He couldn’t get around well and suffered from hip problems. The boss decided to retire Rico and allow his current handler to keep him. At this point Rico had been living with the handler for five years. He was part of the family.

Since we were a Byrnes Grant funded program the boss contacted Austin. He explained his intent to retire Rico and allow him to live with the current handler. The pencil necked geek in the Governor’s office objected. The dog was state property. The boss couldn’t be giving away state property, no, no, no. Liability issues would seem to preclude donating a “police dog” to a charitable organization. The geek explained that the dog had to be declared surplus and destroyed.

After the kicking of furniture, humbugging and motherfucking ceased emanating from the boss’s office, the only sound to be heard was the clicking of the keyboard, followed by the chirping of the fax machine.

I’m pretty sure that the fax was still spooling off the machine in Austin when the phone rang and the caller asked for the boss. Rico got his retirement with his handler.

I am paraphrasing the fax but it was something like this:


“After seven years with the AANTF K-9 Rico is set to retire. During his career Rico led to the seizure of over a million dollars in a variety of narcotics. He was instrumental in the arrest of of over 100 defendants. In recognition of his faithful service, the Governor’s Office of the State of Texas has ordered that he be killed because he is surplus to current requirements.

Police K-9’s have been around for over forty years and suddenly disposal is a problem? Check out the explanation again. It would be difficult… Not impossible, not unreasonable, difficult. Maybe the solution is to stop putting sycophants in positions of authority. The only problem I see is a lack of:

I am amazed that the assholes running things these days can make it out of bed and find their way to the office.