You Can’t Make This Shit Up #231

In Catch-22 Yossarian’s roommate Orr asks the eternal question. “How can he see he’s got flies in his eyes if he’s got flies in his eyes?” People smarter than me say Heller’s eternal question was a play on words from the King James bible. I don’t know. What I do know is that Joseph Heller’s observation is even more applicable today.

I maintain that if you want to find a bigot, stand next to a liberal. Liberal insanity has extended to the breakfast world. Aunt Jemima has been a symbol for Quaker Oats for 130 years. No more, in a move reminiscent of a lynching, Quaker Oats killed Aunt Jemima. Some how, this shit makes sense to the race baiters and liberals out there. No more.

Kids, Quaker Oats killed Aunt Jemima!

Aunt Jemima lynched!

Liberals consider Aunt Jemima to be a racist stereotype. Kids think Aunt Jemima makes pancakes and syrup. What kid doesn’t love pancakes drowning in syrup?

After a nationwide search Quaker Oats has unveiled the replacement icon for their pancake mix and syrup.

Ironically Challenged

Let’s take this in stages. First, there is pearl.

Pearls. Damn, that’s awful white!

Then there is “milling company.”

Slaves unloading rice barge on the St John’s River.

Just what audience was Quaker Oats catering to?

There is only one think lacking. How about the cast from “Blazing Saddles” providing the background music?

Bump music for Pearl Milling Company?

I guess it could be just me. Another great moment in an advertising icon disappearing is Land O Lakes Butter. For as long as I can remember the Indian Girl set in a bucolic landscape presented the the product. No more, white advertising types ran the Indian girl off and stole her land.

Of course symbols are only racist when pointed out by liberals. I guess it is racist for me to point out that liberals are ironically challenged. In the end the only explanation that seems to fit is the one coined by Joseph Heller more than fifty years ago.

What would Tony do?