Not Quite Horatio Alger

Good for her! It may seem like I’m picking on the writer of this blog entry. But I’m really not. To hear her tell it she went from waitress, to porn star, to law school student, practicing attorney and business owner. She owes it all, in part, to pole dancing.

I tell my story in the film: how I got into porn films in 2003 as a 20-year-old struggling actress in Los Angeles, and how after I got out of sex work, internet trolls harassed, stalked and doxxed me for years… In 2011, I began law school in Boston. Across the country, some 2,500 miles away from LA, I finally felt free of the past…. Almost a decade after I left the porn industry, I discovered pole dancing, and it helped me to overcome that internalized shame…. After graduating from law school and becoming an attorney, I worked in tech, ran a private law practice and now run three pole studios. 

I guess it is the cynic in me. From adult porn star to attorney to pole dancer. The job description may have changed, but she is still in the same neighborhood.