Freudian Fantasy?

I don’t have a lot of respect for the pseudo science that is psychology. I’m pretty sure that Sigmund Freud is no longer acceptable to the woke. This writer is an example why Freud is so unpopular. What do you see? I see drawbridges on the Chicago River. The bridges are surrounded by skyscrapers. Not so, according to the woke.

Leslie Kern a feminist author sees Penises. They are everywhere! Isn’t that called projection? Maybe she isn’t getting enough. I am not suggesting a return to the old ways. In the 1800’s families locked deranged people like Kern away so they wouldn’t embarrass the family. In the more enlightened forties people, like Joe Kennedy, subjected recalcitrant children to medical procedures. The lobotomy Rose Marie Kennedy received didn’t cure her of her mental health issues. The procedure just made it easier to hide her. These days they walk among us, have talk shows and write books celebrating their derangement.

Geodesic domes or….
You decide

On the off chance that this wacko was on to something, I decided upon an experiment. Look time readers will know I have a weakness for nice tits. So I found this picture of a building on the Internet. No matter how long I looked, I couldn’t turn this pair of geodesic domes into tits, not nice tits, okay tits, bad tits or even maybe tits. Nope, the picture was that of a building. It could be me. That’s why I am putting it out there. Boobs or building?

Used to be studying a failure served as an object lesson. Liberals insist on studying failure in order to replicate it.