Liberals, Screwing with Other Statues?

Undine Rising From the Waters, Chauncey Bradley Ives, circa 1884

Chauncey Bradley Ives was an American sculptor born in 1810 and died 1894. He worked in what is called the Neo-Classical style. I guess I have probably seen the work before. What drew my attention, today, was a click bait link that promised a reevaluation of the sculpture that would change history.

With my posting regarding the Chicago skyline. Freudian Fantasy? – PORAC Ponders I couldn’t help projecting where this was probably going. See how the cloth hangs on the body? My guess is according to the deranged, the fold is not inadvertent. Nope, the drape of the material in the crotch actually hides a penis! Undine is actually a transsexual.

Bert and Ernie world’s greatest investigators

I have engaged the world’s greatest investigators to explain the difference. They provided photos to enable the deranged to differentiate between fantasy and reality. Hope this helps.

They can play word games all day long. But I know:

This is not a woman.
Blow jobs are no indication of competence in other areas!