Nomination For A Hero Badge

Middlesex, Massachusetts Comfort Dog

I don’t think I’m making a giant leap here. The story originates out of the Middlesex County County District Attorney Office. The eastern boundary of the county butts up against Boston. It is just proof, once again, that liberals are ironically challenged and have no sense of history. Comfort dog seems a poor choice of terms.

During WWII the Japanese Army rounded up women in occupied territories and forced them to work as “comfort women.” Their purpose was to man military bordellos. No pay and no choice in the matter. Ancient history, one might say. Except for the fact that the plight of these women have been in the news , as recently as three weeks ago.

Leave it to a Harvard professor who recently claimed that there was no evidence that “comfort women” ever existed. I bet that surprised the thousands of women still alive who received apologies from the Japanese government.

Where is PETA to save this poor dog?

Once again William F Buckley was been proven right.