Two Can Play That Game

I posted earlier in the week about a feminist wacko who claimed the skyscrapers and raised drawbridges are symbols of male oppression. She asserts that there is no difference between such structures and an erect male penis. I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder.
Freudian Fantasy? – PORAC Ponders

I had fun with the bimbo in a follow up posting: Liberals, Screwing with Other Statues? – PORAC Ponders . It turns out I ain’t done. Accepting her argument at face value, I asked. Is there a female equivalent that can explain east coast soy boys and the balless wonders parading as men? I believe there is.

For many east coast commuters who claim to be male but lack the requisite Testosterone, I have identified a potential cause for their inability to get it up, their desire to drive Prius cars, and their obsessive compulsive desire to make sure the toilet seat is left in the down position. Consider the daily commute.

Going Somewhere?

Sumner Tunnel, Boston
Tip O,Neill Jr Tunnel, Boston
Holland Tunnel, New York
Baltimore Harbor Tunnel

All these gaping maws lack is a little shrubbery around the entrance. I’m dating myself. Rumor has it it is stylish to, these days, clear cut the undergrowth. Every day, probably twice a day, so called men enter the engineering female equivalent of a vagina. They are then expelled out the other side, only to repeat the process when day is done. It is a perpetual “Ground Hog Day, twice a day, five days a week, fifty weeks a year less (two weeks vacation).

On entry, we are not talking slam bam thank you mam, ride em hard and put em up wet. No, the process is rather tentative with a lot of stopping and starting, begging and pleading, no matter what the male wants. He also gets to pay for the privilege. No one cares if he is ever satisfied. Sometimes he is made to wait, for no apparent reason, totally dependent on the owner of the tunnel. On exit the male is expelled into a cruel uncaring world. Childlike and never reaching maturity. No wonder east coast males are so needy and emasculated. At night the pattern is reversed.

Bet my observations won’t receive any accolades.