Where Have I Heard This Before?


The Capitol Police Officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt appeared in an interview last night. He has been cleared by the Capital police version of internal affairs. The DOJ has declined to send the case to a Grand Jury. In other words there is no independent review of his actions. It is not required, but real police officers, involved in a shooting, oftentimes have their actions reviewed by a Grand Jury. Congressional security guards masquerading as cops are exempt.

He has a rationalization. I think it has been used before. Nazis rounding up Jews for death camps were only protecting German society. Closer to home the KKK used a similar rationale throughout the south. At least Byrd is in good company.

“I know that day I saved countless lives,”  “I hope they understand I did my job.”

Lt. Michael Byrd

Lt. Michael Byrd was only following precedent, that makes it okay.

Compare and contrast. The dipshit in Minneapolis, Chauvin was fired by the police department, then there was an investigation. The local District Attorney convened a Grand Jury. The State Attorney General joined in the prosecution. He was tried in state court and convicted. Then the DOJ got involved, he was re-indicted on Federal charges. He will be tried at a later date on those charges. Chauvin has been sued in civil court. The city has already paid a multi-million dollar judgment.

In Byrd’s case, there is no judicial resolution. No independent review. Just, Byrd’s assertion, that he was only following orders. I guess that makes it okay.