Disgrace, Revisited

Which one of these things are not like the other?

Bert and Ernie are back with another trick question
Ron Jeremy, porn star, sex offender

I took issue with a Yahoo teaser last week. In it the headline indicated that Ron Jeremy, a long time porn star, was disgraced after being arrested on thirty sex charges. It seemed to me that any disgrace started long ago when he broke into porn films by sucking his own penis. Instead it was his ticket to stardom. In modern usages “disgrace is a relative term.

Picture below are two career criminals who executed an off duty police officer during an armed robbery. Disgrace? Depends on who is taking the measure. They murdered a man, during a robbery. Bad. They got their pictures in the paper and made the TV news. Good. They will likely spend the rest of their lives in prison, bad. Their homies will acknowledge that they are stoned killers, good. Disgraced? Not likely, they got respect!

Houston Murder suspects

Then there is Blow Job Bill Clinton, serial rapist and former President. He got a head job from a fat chick in the Oval Office. He parlayed that into a multimillion dollar book deal. He also wrangled several trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island. Disgraced? Free head jobs!

BJ Bill Clinton, Serial rapist and Former President

Finally, their is Basement Joe. Disgraced? The list of his faults. It doesn’t matter. He doesn’t have enough neurons firing sequentially for him to understand.

Basement Joe

It turns out that disgrace is an outmoded concept. No matter how abhorrent the behavior is, there is a group somewhere that will deem it acceptable and appropriate.