Nomination For A Hero Badge

I could be projecting here. I see a number of things wrong with this story. I have no doubt that the doctor, in this story had the “want to.” I’m just not sure he crossed the line. In order to have a conspiracy or criminal attempt to commit a crime several hurdles must be crossed. First, there has to be an agreement. Second, there has to be an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. I don’t think the prosecution got there.

A doctor was under indictment for illegally dispensing opioids. He was jailed for five days and didn’t like it. Faced with the prospect of doing serious time, he decided to have the witness killed. He approached an individual and stated his proposition. This guy declined but stated that he might know a guy.

Hint: when your potential co-conspirator says no, but states he might know a guy, RUN. Several days later a purported Hells Angel contacts the good doctor by telephone and arranges a meeting. The meeting takes place and the doctor backs off. They don’t come to an agreement. The story at the link:


Relying on the MSM to supply facts on any story is a fools game. Having worked undercover and posed (unsuccessfully) as a “hit man” I gotta wonder. In my experience, I never doubted the future prospective widow’s sincerity. I’m sure that she dreamed of a variety of deaths for hubby, probably involving wood chippers and such. That being said, she never crossed the line. Why? I don’t know.

In this case, the doctor met with a purported Hells Angel. You would think that would be a resume enhancer for a hit man. But the doctor would not take that final step.

Since this was an FBI operation, I have a theory. I suspect that the doctor saw thru the FBI ruse. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are two.

Real Hells Angel
FBI Agent posing as a Hells Angel

Could have happened that way.

I suspect another scheme is in play here. The doctor is out on bond. He has been rearrested for interfering with his pending prosecution. There is no way in hell this guy is getting another bond. He is a danger to the community. He will sit in Federal lockup in Central Falls, Rhode Island. Ever been to Central Falls, Rhode Island? I have, the prison is nicer than the community, but it is still a prison. The good doctor will languish there until he pleads the original charge. As part of the plea the new charges will go away.