Move Over Beto and Julian

When it comes to corrupt democrat politicians Texas has a proud history. Who can forget Ma and Pa Ferguson? A little closer in time, one can look at the zany antics of the Duke of Duval, Archie Parr, and his running buddy LBJ. For pure hootspa, there is the “worst damn case of suicide ever” engineered by Billy Sol Estes, on behalf of LBJ.

The new generation of corrupt democrats aren’t quite as grand in their schemes. Sure cultural appropriation is normally a sin, but not for democrats. Beto the white boy can continue to portray himself as a wetback from the hood. Julian, with bonafide membership in La Raza, a racist organization that would do the Nazi’s proud and make the KKK blush, doesn’t have to apologize. Jack boots and brown shirts just fit him naturally.

Julian Castro

These pretenders may have to step up their game. There is a new kid in town. Jasiel Correia has got moves Beto and Julian can only imagine. This guy puts the capital “C” in corruption. He is a democrat hero.

I know what you are going to say. Correia is from Fall River, Massachusetts. That is Kennedy country. Corruption is a way of life. So many Massachusetts legislators wind up in Federal prison they think incarceration is part of the pension plan.

These are all valid points. Sure, the feds jugged a variety of Mass politicians for a wide range of crimes. There is the Mass Pol who supplemented his income by stealing quarters from coin operated machines.

Buonomo arrested

Middlesex County Register of Probate and former Somerville alderman John Buonomo was arrested yesterday in connection with his alleged theft of public monies.

Buonomo, 56, of Newton, was put in handcuffs Wednesday by Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office. He was charged with 18 counts of breaking and entering into a depository, eight counts of theft of public property by a City/Town/County Officer, and eight counts of larceny under $250.

A tale of 3 Speakers – Salvatore DiMasi, Thomas Finneran and Charles Flaherty: Is lure of power too tempting?

By The Associated Press | MassLive

DiMasi Finneran Flaherty 7411.jpg

The last three Speakers of the House of Representatives in Massachusetts, from left, Salvatore DiMasi, Thomas Finneran and Charles Flaherty, have all been convicted of felonies.

So what’s the big deal with Correia? First, he is young. Most politicians convicted in Massachusetts seem to be in the fifties. Correia hasn’t hit thirty yet. Second, he has talent. Consider this.

Correia is already under indictment for bribery and assorted other charges. This latest arrest is a whole new set of charges. His previous arrest resulted in a demand that he resign office as mayor. He refused. This refusal resulted in a recall election.

On the ballot, voters were first asked if Correia should be recalled; a majority voted for his recall,[16] 7,829 to 4,911 (61%).[17] Voters were next asked to chose from the five candidates; Correia received the most votes,[16] 4,808 (35%) (Wikipedia)

Correia, in effect, was fired by the voters as mayor. He was then rehired by the same voters, all in the same election. He is either very good or Massholes are very stupid.

Correia hired a female Chief of Staff at a generous salary. He then required that she kick back half her earnings to him. Short term this was a money making strategy. In the long term, he may have problems.

Genoveva Andrade, Correia’s former chief of staff, was also arrested Friday on charges including extortion and bribery, according to the FBI. Andrade was arraigned as well and was released on $150,000 bond. 

From Chief of staff to co-defendant, that doesn’t bode well for Correia. The term, “a woman scorned,” comes to mind. Maybe it should be updated to reflect the times, “a woman named as a co-conspirator.”

There are cynics that will say, “Hey the dipshit got caught!”

This is true. But, he is young. Correia can take a ten year hit and come out of prison and still be under 40. Correia is a democrat. A criminal conviction and prison sentence for a democrat is called a resume enhancer. The days of Edwin Edwards, former Louisiana Governor, are over. His famous words no longer hold true.

The only way I can lose is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy.

Edwin Edwards

In the democratic party of today, neither eventuality is a bar to elected office.