How Liberals Think, or Don’t

Eighteen years ago a group of Muslims attacked the United States. They used four airplanes to accomplish their task. The Muslim world cheered. Here is how the New York Times characterized the anniversary of the event.

In the liberal mindset inanimate objects do evil things. Not always. Republicans, conservatives, Christians, observant Jews, police and military are always held personally responsible. They are non-protected.

This rule does not apply to democrats, liberals, muslims, and crazies. People of preferred pigmentation, (black, brown okay), yellow not dark enough. Protected class.

How does this work?

When there is a mass shooting, if the shooter can be shoved into a non-protected category then his/her actions are the result of individual choice. If the individual falls into the protected category then the fault lies squarely with the implement, “Assault rifle, high capacity magazines and SUVs among other things.”

This rule even applies to traffic accidents. Survey the headlines, nobody has ever been killed by a Prius. Millions have died, as SUV’s suddenly and inexplicably go on rampages. A crazed bull dyke intentionally drove her SUV off a cliff in California, killing her entire family. The medical examiner ruled it as a case of murder suicide. The headline verdict, family killed as SUV goes off cliff.

This latest effort by the New York Times Slimes has to rank up there with Ilhan Omar, “Some people did something…”

Airplanes were the means on 9/11. The method was conceived and executed by radical muslims. The result was cheered worldwide by so called moderate muslims. Useful idiots, in the form of liberals made it possible.