Nomination For A Hero Badge

Sheriff’s deputies in North Carolina arrested this lady after she tied up her husband and then castrated him. It has been a while. I didn’t realize that foreplay had changed.

This a perfect case to illustrate that “motive” is relatively unimportant in order to sustain a conviction. Victoria Frabutt, 56, was arrested Tuesday on a charge of “malicious castration.” Let’s see, no medical license, no medical facility and the surgical implement used, sliced the roast on Sunday. Does it really matter what was going through her mind?

All the cops have to prove is that she did it. Why really doesn’t matter.

The sheriff’s office said a motive for the castration is unclear. Frabutt is also being charged with kidnapping.

Carteret Sheriff’s Office

Just a guess but I’m gonna go with she was pissed off at him for something.