You Can’t Make This Shit Up!

I’d rather entrust the government of the United States
to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone
directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.

William F Buckley Jr.

Heads up from the Ace of Spades with a link to the full article. Not only do they allow the good professor out without a minder, he teaches! Remember, he is a liberal, he knows what is best for us.

I can’t add anything to the story. Here is a link to the whole story and the Ace of Spades recap. Enjoy!

Harvard Liberal and Law Professor Totally Cucked by Lesbian and Her Tranny Boyfriend

—Ace of Spades

Now, the article is of course trying to sweetly fair to this idiot, as well as to the Differently Abled couple who swindled the shit out of him, but ignore that gloss and just read the glorious, delicious facts.

The basics are that a lesbian picked up a weird leftist cuck (who wrote in The Guardian that Gorsuch must be stopped, because Hitler) in a loveless marriage to a woman living in London and the pair eventually had sex, but he didn’t ejaculate, because he can’t ejaculate due to the anti-depressants he’s on.

Then she told him she was pregnant, despite that no-ejaculation thing.

By the way, I don’t know if she’s really a lesbian or a cunning woman who has learned that it’s very easy to make a weak, foolish man trust you without reservation: Just tell him you’re lesbian but that he’s so magnetic and attractive he’s turned you halfway straight.

He grew very close with her, and her “best friend,” a tranny who likes to be called Misha and looks like, well, like what you’d expect. Not a trap.

This cuck’s wife suggested that this lesbian take a paternity test to establish she was in fact pregnant and that the baby was his.

But he said “Nah, brah,” because…

Not only did he trust Shuman, he felt it would have been insulting for a heterosexual cisgender man to question a professed lesbian as to whether she’d had sex with other men.”

And there was no reason to suspect she’d been with other men, despite the fact she was living with a man (who says he’s a woman), and that guy himself has a boyfriend who the kids refer to as “Daddy.”

(Haider’s boyfriend Klein, Hay later discovered, also helped raise the children, who refer to him as “Daddy.”)

So it’s all on the up and up, I’m sure.

And you know that this guy, being a Harvard Law School professor and an intellectual and all, would be super-smart and would be able to tell if someone was pulling a simple scam on him.

“Oddly, one key fact eluded the attention of everyone in the court: Shuman’s first child’s birthday is December 10, 2011–two years after their [sexual] encounter.”

So smart!

Anyway, at some point this weird crew just takes up residence in his house without his permission, when he’s travelling overseas, and sells his furniture and stuff.

I’m sure no one will see this Plot Twist coming:

Over the next four years, the law professor would be drawn into a “campaign of fraud, extortion, and false accusations,” as one of his lawyers would later say in legal proceedings. At one point, Hay’s family would be left suddenly homeless. At another, owing to what his lawyer has described as the “weaponiz[ation] of the university’s Title IX machinery against Hay,” he would find himself indefinitely suspended from his job. He would accrue over $300,000 in legal bills with no end to the litigation in sight. “Maria-Pia and Mischa want money,” Hay told me last summer, “but only for the sake of squeezing it out of people — it’s the exertion of power.”


It’s just a joy to read.

And it’s all completely normal.