Wedding Planner Wanted, Must have Diverse Experience

Readers of this Blog all know that I have a scrupulous regard for decorum and political correctness. It just ruins my whole day when I am accused of being crass and unfeeling. It would never occur to me to manspread, or project male micro-aggressions. However, I am getting old and some trends are moving faster than I can keep up with and I find myself at a loss. How do I refer to a particular circumstance while remaining non-judgmental, politically correct, factually accurate (within the confines of what can be considered true versus hate speech)? Here is a case in point?

Caitlyn-Jenner-to-marry-transgender https:// Sophia

I am left in the lurch trying to describe the upcoming nuptials between Caitlyn Jenner and her intended, Sophia.

We all bring baggage into a marriage. I am not sure the quick flash of a surgeon’s knife covers all eventualities. With the ME TOO! people’s justice fresh in mind balanced against over sixty years of maleness. Are we supposed to notice the 47 year age difference? Do two years of castration overcome 66 years of maleness?

If the removal of the offending appendage is all that is required for the betterment of society, then change can be effected overnight. They gotta sleep sometime!

Is this a gay, transgender or lesbian marriage? Who gets credit? It seems these two have all the bases covered. The only thing missing is a German Shepard and then they would be the perfect couple, threesome for current times.

This is probably an obsolete notion but it is something to consider. Within the scheme of male/female appropriate relations, the states have picked arbitrary ages when sexual intercourse is legally permissible. In effect the state is saying, it may be your body, but the genitals belong to the state until an arbitrary time. Which clock is everybody using? If it is the biological clock I guess we’re OK. If it is when the old canoe maker began his work, then I’d say they both have a couple of years to run before this marriage can be legally consummated.

It occurs to me that each could have a battle of the sexes while alone in a closet.

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