Truth as Opposed to Facts

What if everything the MSM told you about police shootings was wrong? What if over 90% of bad guys shot were actively engaged in assaulting police and civilians. They were also armed at the time.

According to the penal code a weapon is defined by how it is used or intended to be used by the offender.

The vast majority—between 90% and 95% – of the civilians shot by officers were actively attacking police or other citizens when they were shot. Ninety percent also were armed with a weapon when they were shot. The horrific cases of accidental shootings, like mistaking a cell phone for a gun, are rare, Cesario said.

research from Michigan State University and University of Maryland 

Part of the problem with the MSM reporting of police shootings is that the MSM has a problem identifying what a weapon is.

Nearly 50% of all fatal shootings involving white civilians were because of mental health; it also accounted for nearly 20% of black civilians and 30% of Hispanics. These included two types of mental health cases: the first was “suicide by cop,” in which civilians intentionally antagonize the police because they want an officer to kill themselves; the second was a result of mental disorders, such as when a civilian is suffering from schizophrenia and poses a threat to officers.

research from Michigan State University and University of Maryland 

Don’t expect this study to receive widespread publicity. It goes against the MSM narrative.

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