This Guy is so Screwed

The war on terrorism continues. This idiot represents two sides of the same coin. Recruiters for terrorist acts are always on the lookout for the marginalized. Fat, stupid, ugly, semi-crazy and otherwise disenfranchised are prime candidates for recruitment. They are called cannon fodder. They serve no purpose other than to be killed or captured in an attempt to advance the cause. Their value is that they are easily manipulated, have no real connection or influence with the organization and consequently won’t be missed. New Jersey-man-pledges-allegiance-to-ISIS-stabs-unclean-dog.

The Galveston Narcotics Task Force had a saying, “If They Weren’t So Stupid, We’d Never Catch Them.” The FBI has proven to be particularly adept at catching the unhinged, stupid, and gullible in the war on terror. Rather than a criticism, this is more along the lines of damning with faint praise. There isn’t much difference between ignorant disturbed individuals like this guy, and the husband and wife team in San Bernadino or the lone shooter in Orlando. 

I would be willing to bet that every FBI office and every JTTF has at least one open investigation where considerable efforts are devoted to guys like this. The problem arises because investigative resources are limited. How many “Mohamad Atta types are operating without notice because the bureau is spread too thin?

The legacy of Viet Nam and the body count is still with us. The FBI and law enforcement make a big deal about arresting a loser like Lepsky hoping nobody will notice that talk is cheap.

During WWII, Great Britain prepared for the fall of  England and occupation by Nazis by moving their intelligence establishment to New York City. The move took place before the United States entry into the war. British intelligence agents stationed in New York soon found themselves running across German agents operating in the U.S. Since Great Britain and Germany were at war in Europe, the British saw no reason not to continue the fight in the U.S. They decided that they had to be discrete.

To do this, the British agents relied on the U.S. transportation system. Soon German agents were sailing off of bridges, falling in front of trains, trucks, and cars. If they kept count, they certainly didn’t ballyhoo the results in the newspapers. The point is the British carried the war to the enemy wherever he could be found.

The fact that Lepsky stabbed a dog will cause more consternation, in some quarters, than his pledge of support to ISIS. Issue him a citation and let him out on bail. Dog lovers will take care of the rest.