The Unit, Available for Pre-Order

My book is available on Kindle for pre-order on a June 1, 2017, release. It may take a couple of days (48 hours) for the book to clear the Amazon internal review. It will appear on Nook after their review process (72 hours). 


A first-time novelist is like a fledgling Amway salesman. The first to bear the brunt of his enthusiasm are family and friends. Top of the list was my mother, Rosemarie who encouraged me to give it a shot. Unfortunately, she isn’t here to see the end result.

Next my brother Mike, sister Lisa and my brother-in-law Joe. Mike is not known as a great reader, so the fact that he finished the rough draft says something in itself. Joe actually got out the red pencil, I wasn’t expecting it, but his help and comments were greatly appreciated.

I ran it by my friends almost all of whom are retired from law enforcement. I wanted to write something that was accurate. I enjoy an occasional English mystery or police procedural but cringe whenever the guy with the gun flips off the safety on a Smith and Wesson Revolver. Except for the S&W model 40, there are no safeties to manipulate on S&W revolvers.

I had to balance accuracy against giving away operational secrets and techniques. The job is hard enough without giving away the tricks of the trade. They have assured me that I struck the right balance.

Finally, to all the cops who go out there each and every day to do a job that would send most folks home to cower in the corner. Working with you contributed so much to my education, and led to this book. I will not mention names but want to acknowledge first, and foremost are all the narcs, local and federal, notably my brothers at AANTF (ANTS).This book is dedicated to the narcs, who can never go back to what used to be.

Noted author and former LAPD Sergeant Joseph Wambaugh may have coined the phrase “Choirboys and Choir Practice,” but he cannot claim the rituals as his. Cops have a grand storytelling tradition, it’s mostly an oral tradition, and the ink they use carries proof marks. It is said you can tell the difference between a lie and war story because a war story begins with, “This is no shit…”Some of the events recounted in the book are pure flights of fancy dredged from my warped little mind. Other events may have occurred in some form or fashion; then again maybe not.

Most people will never sit in on a cop story telling session. That includes those that are married to or count siblings or parents as cops. The first thing you have to know about cop stories is that they are never as they seem. What seems like a funny story may actually contain a tragedy. The story about screw ups and stupid mistakes can disguise heroism that would earn the participant a chestful of medals, in any other context. A story of daring do, and bravado may serve to remind the listener that God does watch out for fools, as the fool telling the story can attest.

Perhaps, in one and a thousand of these stories, the teller will begin a story without fanfare, no bravado, no false modesty and no dramatics. Chances are he or she will speak softly, and as they get into their tale, their gaze is everywhere and nowhere. When the eye contact goes, listen up, this is no lie, and it transcends a war story. During the story, just maybe, for an instant, the civilian will know what it’s like to be a cop. Don’t worry, for the listener, it wears off. For the teller, the story never leaves; like as not to return in the quiet hours around two A.M.

Finally, this may be a first in a book about cops by a cop, I have to acknowledge the contribution of the crooks. I have chased and caught my share of wee-wee waggers and peeping toms, but to have one to look down at his exposed penis and then look me right in the eye and in all sincerity say, “It’s not my thing.” Sorry, I’m not good enough to come up with that on my own. Or, in response to the question, “What have, you got in your pockets?” Get the answer, “They’re not my pants.” We may occupy the same town, but we are observing it from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Any inaccuracies or mistakes are mine and mine alone. I set out to write about what I know, inform in some fashion, but mostly to entertain. As a rookie, once more, I hope to earn the same type of praise so gruffly delivered and so proudly received, all those years ago. “At least you didn’t fuck that up too bad.”