They Were For Firing Comey Before They were Against it

Here you go for easy reference, reasons to fire Comey. The article leaves largely untouched all the variations of malfeasance by the FBI in regards to Hillary Clinton. I have a little sympathy for the FBI, in the case of Clinton. 

I have always taken the stance that it is my job as a police officer to gather the facts and evidence and file the case that is most likely to lead to a successful prosecution. I have no problem if the DA or AUSA modifies the charges to suit the needs of the prosecutor. However, I take exception when a prosecutor declines to prosecute and publicly blames the police for not providing sufficient information, in order to hide ulterior motives. If there is a case to be made, file it. If the prosecutor wants to play games let it be at the prosecutor’s expense.

I have no doubt that had the FBI filed charges against Hillary and company the Attorney General would have declined to prosecute or Obama would have been forced to issue pardons*. Either way the FBI would have been out of the political fray. 10-major-FBI-scandals-Comeys-watch

You must remember that hypocrisy is a democratic value. AS this article points out they were for firing Comey before they were against it: Democrats-wanted-Comey-fired-TuesdayLook up scum bag in the dictionary and there you will find a picture of a Democrat.

* I suspect that almost everybody associated with the Obama White House will be able to produce a blanket pardon backdated to January 16, 2017, if they are indicted under the current administration.