Nomination for Hero Badge


It Could Happen!

Years ago I was helping the City Attorney conduct an audit of the evidence room. During the course of the audit, she found several packages of marijuana that had been opened. She was sure that somebody in the police department had been opening the packages and stealing pot. 

I tried to convince her that wasn’t the case. The three packages she had located had been in the evidence room for years, not conducive to the smoothest smoking experience. The holes in the packages were ragged and not along seams or traditional openings into the packages. I explained that in all likelihood the theft was a rodent infestation.

She began what I was sure was going to be a lengthy tirade to include terms like insulting her intelligence, did I think she was born last night, and oh please.  She began her soliloquy while on her knees and shifting packages on a lower shelf. Her activity dislodged a rat who ran to find a new hiding place, between her legs and beneath her skirt.  The tirade was cut short and the rodeo began as she jumped up and tried to get out of the evidence room. My explanation was accepted, the audit was completed and we passed.

Good luck guys, you have your work cut out for you. Police-accuse-rats-of-drinking-900,000-liters-of-confiscated-alcohol.