They Still Hunt Witches at Duke

UPDATE: The professor in this story lost his case before the disciplinary committee and had resigned.

Patterico reports on a witch hunt at Duke Divinity School involving disagreements between two professors and a dean. What makes this situation unique is that most of the alleged violations took place via e-mail. The evidence that the school relies upon is there in black and white. Struggling-to-remain-a-vibrant-intellectual-community.

I think the time is right that conservatives take a page from the liberal playbook. Liberals have for years adopted a wide variety of cop killers, assorted other murders, racists of color and assorted other dregs of society and declared them heroes. They then established legal defense funds, held fundraisers, wrote songs about them and celebrated their achievements.

I don’t have anybody in mind at this time. However, I am proposing that a charity is set up to provide legal services and financial support to deserving individuals that kill a liberal because they are liberal and represent a clear and present danger to society. Cull factors will eliminate the drunk drivers, armed robbers, rapists, thieves and dope dealers who may take out a liberal but only secondarily to the real object of their crime.

The more rabid liberals call for re-education or concentration camps to be established, which just more big government spending and waste. The idea of a single individual making a decision, building a plan and successfully implementing the plan is consistent with the entrepreneurial spirit that made this country great. Blowing up the New York Times is all well and good, but smacks of leftist delusions of grandeur. Taking out Chris Matthews with one well-placed shot, while more modest, is more achievable for the average Joe.

What can one guy do against the monolithic liberal establishment? Consider this; there are somewhere around 3.5 million NRA members in the U.S. If just one percent, 35,000 decided to go out on June 5 and each shoot one liberal in honor of Ronald Reagan’s death, the effect would be magnified by the overall numbers and the nationwide span of the shootings.

I predict by noontime the following day the liberal death toll will be up in the millions. This in a reaction to the shootings. Liberals will be run over by cars, trampled, shot, stabbed, beaten and otherwise maimed all in the effort to get to the voting registrar to change their party affiliation to Republican.

It’s worth a shot!