Public Health Threat, Revealed, Not Scared

Here I go again showing my age. I don’t see the downside and think the trend ought to be encouraged. Seems to me the article missed the major public health threat, that is sudden heart attacks in middle and advanced age men.  Ribcage-bragging-scary-new-body-trend-sweeping-social-media-

Look on the positive side, dinner and drinks would consist of a quarter glass of white wine and three lettuce leafs, even I can afford that.

Take her to the movies, no popcorn, no candy bar, no corn dogs and no soda. When is the last time you got out of a movie for less than thirty bucks?

Never lack for conversation, just direct the conversation around to about her, and she can talk all night. Politics and religion will never come up.

Should you get lucky; she is scrawny enough that there are no worries about throwing your back out, in some of the more creative positions.