Nomination for Hero Badge


I’m not picking on the cops because they ran, that shows a keen appreciation of their abilities and skills when confronted with multiple armed attackers. The real story is that London and Great Britain were on heightened alert. The authorities expected a blitz style attack or possible a bombing.  The public was encouraged to “carry on” but be aware. Multiple-eyewitnesses-say-community-police-ran-away-from-scene-of-terror-stabbings-at-borough-market

The height of folly is that they had Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) manning high profile posts. I was going to liken a PCSO to a reserve police officer, common in the United States. According to Wikipedia, this is not a good comparison. Here is a cut and paste description of the duties, powers, and abilities of PCSO.

Day-to-day duties usually include high visibility patrolling, tackling anti-social behavior, dealing with minor offenses, gathering criminal intelligence and supporting front-line policing.[Unlike Police constables, there is no set training procedure for PCSOs, so the training given varies from force to force. Despite this, section 38 of the Police Reform Act 2002 (the law that made PCSOs) requires that chief constables or commissioners to ensure a recruit “Has received adequate training in the carrying out of those functions and in the exercise and performance of the powers and duties to be conferred on him by virtue of their designation”. Unlike constables, due to the non-confrontational nature of their role PCSOs are not normally issued with batons, incapacitant spray, handcuffs or leg restraints. However, PCSOs are authorized to carry and use this equipment.[

PCSOs have a duty to act in the same manner and to the same standards as a police constable. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary or criminal proceedings related to misfeasance in public office or malfeasance in public office. Leeway may be given depending on the situation, as the circumstances may dictate they do not have the training or equipment to deal with a situation as a constable could. It is also accepted that PCSOs do not have to intervene in high-risk situations and it is reasonable if they decide to withdraw from one. This is due to the non-confrontational purpose of their role.[59]

The PCSO uniform is distinctive. The general public probably cannot tell the difference between a Constable and a PCSO, but you can bet the bad guys can. Most British police are unarmed; something else that becomes obvious at a glance. Part of the philosophy of police patrol is that the presence of uniformed police has a deterrent effect on criminal activity. The English and their apologists haven’t figured out that they are NOT dealing with criminal activity. The unarmed police of whatever stripe do not offer any deterrent effect to terrorists engaged in the act of war.  

As soon as the West figures out that they cannot arrest their way out of the current terrorist climate, and adjust their tactics to kill enemy combatants whenever and wherever they are found, the sooner the attacks will stop. This is unlikely, as some deluded individuals refer to jihadis as “freedom fighters.” The reality is that they are anti-freedom fighters because they reside in a country that allows them more freedom than they could ever hope to have in whatever third world shit hole from which they came. It is that very freedom that they object too and their wish is to subject everybody else to their version of “freedom.”