MSM Strikes Again

I have drafted, reviewed or participated in over a thousand search warrants. The standard for applying for search warrants has never changed. The affiant (applicant) has to demonstrate to a neutral detached magistrate that he/she received information that they believed to be credible and reliable. The credibility and reliability of the information could be based on personal observations, information from other officers, and records or reports. People with proven track record of credibility and reliability are deemed credible. Credibility can be demonstrated by comparing information or statements against known facts from other sources.

The press on the other hand has no restrictions. Six to sixty, blind, cripple or crazy if a person is willing to talk to the press they are instantly an unimpeachable source.

Take for instance, Greg Packer. Here is what Wikipedia (the lazy man’s reference) has to say about him: Gregory F. Packer (born December 18, 1963), is a retired[1] American highway maintenance worker from Huntington, New York, best known for frequently being quoted as a “man on the street” in newspapers, magazines and television broadcasts from 1995 to the present. He has been quoted in more than 100 articles and television broadcasts as a member of the public (that is, a “man on the street” rather than a newsmaker or expert). According to the Nexis database, from 1994 through 2004 Packer was quoted or photographed at least 16 separate times by the Associated Press, 14 times by Newsday, 13 times by the New York Daily News, and 12 times by the New York Post.[2] Although he always gives his real name, he has admitted to making things up to get into the paper.[3][4

Wikipedia tries to do some damage control by pointing out Packer was quoted not as an expert or newsmaker but as a “man on the street”. In other words, his opinion was sought to highlight the story being reported. The reporter sought his opinion and included it in the story because it was deemed credible by the writer.

Here we go again, back to Minneapolis. Minneapolis police shot and killed a black man, Somali no less. He tried to avoid arrest and fired at officers. Cue the outraged crowd. Maybe this time the mob will finish the job and burn that shithole down. In Minneapolis it is okay for black men to shoot at police, but not okay for police to return the favor.

Here is the report from Power Line. I pulled a couple of quotes out of the story to beat the reader over the head with the deluded bullshit these folks are spouting and the MSM is perpetuating on the rest of us.

We have the reaction of a Minneapolis City councilman, keep Greg Packer in mind as you read it.

“I’m frustrated that the police don’t seem to have any strategy to preserve life during a tense situation,” Ellison told Sahan Journal. “I’m concerned that any Black person with a gun seems especially vulnerable to being killed by police. And I’m troubled by the knee-jerk escalations our police have to any and all demonstrations against them.”

City Councilman Jeremiah Ellison:

Let’s parse this statement. “I’m frustrated that the police don’t seem to have any strategy to preserve life during a tense situation,” I see two sides of a single issue here. Ellison is frustrated that the police didn’t come up with an alternative. At the same time he is unable to offer his own solution. If he is too dumb to address the problem, how does he know the police did it wrong?

I’m troubled by the knee-jerk escalations our police have to any and all demonstrations against them.” (The police have released a bodycam of the shooting.) The officers were in uniform, driving marked police units and displaying activated emergency lights. Identification was not an issue. Officers gave clear instructions, repeatedly. He who will get no older ignored them. The officers fired only after the suspect fired at the officers, shooting out his own window in the process. (In my experience, shooting out one’s own window demonstrates a high level of commitment. Crooks don’t mind breaking other peoples stuff but try to avoid breaking their own,) Officers returned fire with enough precision that a second occupant in the vehicle was uninjured. Where’s the knee jerk? Where is the councilman’s credibility?

There is no way that Ellison would be credible and reliable in any manner. Not good enough for a search warrant, but good enough for the MSM.

There is a second person quoted. A so called community organizer. He says he feels unsafe. He claims to be a friend of the dearly departed. He admits that the dead guy made several missteps, in the past. However, he was getting his life in order, next week, week after at the latest. I guess it escaped his notice that the recently departed’s family also felt unsafe. So unsafe they tossed his ass out of the house because he shot up the basement.

The killing of Dolal “makes me feel unsafe,” Abdirahman added. “It makes me feel confused. The same people that are here to serve and protect are the same people that are killing your own people.”

Abdirahman Warsame, the co-founder of Generation Hope

Old Abdirahman fails the old credible and reliable test. Not good enough for an affidavit. Just fine for the news media.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not celebrating the passing of this turd. It’s just that I’m damn sure not going to mourn it.

The spirit of Clay Allison is needed, now more than ever.