A Modest Proposal #193

The Dallas Morning News has their panties in a wad because Texas has a holiday that celebrates Confederate Heroes, January 19th. This occasionally coincides with Martin Luther King Day (MLK Day). MLK day is not tied to a specific date but is celebrated on the third Thursday in January. Critics want to cancel Confederate Heroes Day. This whole cancel culture thing smacks of an old Communist trick. People who fell out of favor would be suddenly erased. This was not only physical. Can you say Siberia? But also included removing any record of their existence. For that reason alone, I am against the move. At the link:


I don’t suppose it would do any good to point out that when the Texas Legislature created the Confederate Heroes Day, Texas was essentially a one party state, controlled by the democrats. On second thought, that point needs to be emphasized.

In recent years, there has been a revision of the record. It seems Republican’s were the party of Emancipation and Civil Rights. Lincoln and possibly more so Grant brought former slaves out of the fields and into the political forum.

It was the democrats that fought this progress, creating the KKK, burning churches and schools and intimidating black citizens. They celebrated their reign of terror by erecting statutes, memorials and naming buildings confirming their fidelity to values from a vanquished past. The current effort to erase the past is to disguise democrat complicity in the crimes committed in the name of the party.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not defending the Confederacy. In the scheme of things I don’t really care. The past is the past, warts and all. I think that the holiday, statutes, memorials and named public buildings serve as an object lesson. The lesson can be good or bad.

Pushing a “thing” down the memory hole, never to be referenced again is to ignore history. I propose the creation of a new holiday as an alternative. I propose that it be called American Reprobates Day. I haven’t settled on a specific date. I’m leaning towards sometime in August. August is the month when notable perverts Teddy Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson were born. It was during August that Serial Rapist Blow Job Bill Clinton went before a Grand Jury to brag about how he got a blow job from a fat chick named Monica Lewinsky. I think such a holiday offers something for everybody.

For liberals and democrats it is cause for celebration. It is an acknowledgement no behavior is too reprehensible for a democrat. It would be a reassurance that, for them, bottom has no limits. For the rest of us it is a lesson that tolerance is fine, until it is not.