Trump Just Can’t Win

Federal authorities are preparing to execute a female inmate, Lisa Montgomery. She has eluded punishment since 2007. The jury set the punishment at death. The time she has spent in prison doesn’t count towards anything. Now liberals are playing the misdirection game. Look at her childhood! Yeah, so?

<span>Photograph: Attorneys For Lisa Montgomery/Reuters</span>
Photograph: Attorneys For Lisa Montgomery/Reuters

Here is the liberal version:

Ed Pilkington Tue, January 5, 2021, 3:00 AM CST

Lisa Montgomery’s first experiences of sexual abuse occurred indirectly when she was three years old. She would lie in bed at night beside her beloved half-sister Diane, close enough to touch, while Diane, then eight, was being raped by their male babysitter.

At the age of 11, Her stepfather Jack, a “mean drunk” who regularly beat her and her mother, began raping her once or twice a week. He would rape and sodomise her, often with a pillow smothering her face. When she resisted, he slammed her head so hard against the concrete floor that she suffered traumatic brain injury, One day, her mother Judy happened to enter the room while the child was being assaulted by her husband. Judy was so incensed she fetched a gun and held it to her daughter’s head, screaming: “How could you do this to me?”

Montgomery’s stepfather invited friends round to gang rape her in the room – ordeals that would last for hours and end with the men urinating on her like she was trash. Her mother got in on the act too, selling Montgomery’s body to the plumber and the electrician whenever she needed odd jobs doing.

You have to delve down twelve paragraphs before this reporter mentions the crime for which she was convicted. Montgomery targeted a pregnant woman and befriended her. She used a pretext to visit her and then kill her. She then butchered her and stole her child from the womb. Performed an abortion and made off with the child. In the liberal world what happened was nothing more than a botched abortion.

Her defenders have this to say about her:

“This is a story about a woman who is profoundly mentally ill as a result of a lifetime of torture and sexual violence,” said Sandra Babcock, faculty director of the Cornell Center on the Death Penalty Worldwide and a consultant to Montgomery’s legal team. “Lisa is not the worst of the worst – she is the most broken of the broken.”

Keep in mind that mentally ill and insane are two entirely different concepts. Trump has ordered the Justice Department to resume Federal executions, It’s Lisa Montgomery’s turn. Execution may be an act of compassion for Lisa Montgomery. For liberals it is never about the person, just the concept.