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But Neither of Us Like Coffee

The Connecticut State Police have gone to extremes in punishing two of their troopers. I guess they have grounds for policy violations. I don’t think the criminal charges will stand.

It seems dispatch couldn’t reach a female trooper by radio or cell phone. Worried the dispatcher checked the GPS location of the patrol car. A second trooper was dispatched to find the unit and check on the status of the missing trooper.

He found the missing patrol car, along with another patrol car. Both were parked at a no tell motel. The second car belonged to a male trooper. Although the article doesn’t go into detail, both were found in a room. I suspect that the male trooper was banging the female trooper like a screen door in a hurricane. Here is the story from the New York Post.

Both troopers have been charged with larceny. No other details are given. I suspect that the theory is that both were being paid to chase cars. Bumping uglies in a no tell motel is not part of the job description. Yeah but, both are entitled to coffee breaks. This gives rise to the defense, “But we don’t like coffee!”

I am not prepared to go as far as a former Sheriff of Bexar County. When called upon to comment on the arrest of one of his deputies for sexually abusing his minor daughter the sheriff had this to say. “What he does on his own time is his own business.”

I can’t help thinking that the Connecticut State Police response is a reaction to how the Massachusetts State Police handled a similar situation.

Like we used to say, “If they weren’t so stupid, we’d never catch ’em.”