Introducing New Jersey’s Next Democratic Superstar

This Guy has a lock on any democratic nomination

Richard Decker

Some people are born to political dynasties. Some are drafted, never intending to follow the political path. Still others prepare their whole life for higher office.

Decker has been preparing for the world of politics. He started with bestiality. He then moved into coercion and assault. This led to arrests for criminal mischief, bomb making and the manufacture of illegal firearms. In short, he is the perfect democrat. A man of his times, for New Jersey- Degenerate, Disingenuous, and Dangerous

For well over a year, two mysteries consumed a peaceful New Jersey community. There were the strange letters that showed up in the mailboxes of local barns, asking about the possibility of forming a “sexual relationship” with horses, cows or other large animals. And then, there were the homemade tire-slashing devices that farmers kept finding in their driveways, or near the entrances to rural farm roads.

Now, authorities in Sussex County, New Jersey, are saying that both were the work of the same man, Richard Decker, who lashed out by harassing people who refused to let him have sex with their farm animals.

I guess it gives new meaning to the term animal husbandry. Laugh if you want to, but first consider this. Usually guys like this carry out their activities at night in the back pasture. They break into sheds and barns. They know what they are doing is frowned upon. They are not sure why but they have enough sense to keep a secret. Not this guy. Here is a communication he sent.

“I know you are trying to sell your mare but the reason I am contacting you today is because I am attracted to equine and wanted to ask . . . would you please give me the permission to meet and possibly have a sexual relationship with one of your horses?” said one of the messages. “Im sorry if my request appears insulting. I am honestly attracted to horses and Im looking for a longer term relationship with one, but I have no place to home one myself. I am a man in north jersey and I would be very grateful if you would consider me for your horses. Thank you.”

Richard Decker

One can read the message on two levels. One, this guy disturbed enough that he is willing to throw the proposition out there. He is not only unafraid of offending anybody, he retaliates against anybody that disagrees. That pretty much guarantees he is a liberal democrat. Second, this appeal is an indication (from experience?) that like minded individuals are out there and it is just a matter of connecting.

The most disturbing thing. Okay, boffing horses and cattle is up there for disturbing. But, the level of retaliation has steadily increased. It started with poison pen letters, negative business reviews (farms and stables) on the internet, tire slashing, tampering with vehicles and property and threats of physical assault.

Cops arrested him on multiple charges. This is a mistake. We’re talking New Jersey, a place where a superintendent of schools regularly shit on a competing school’s track. Their US Senator traveled to the Dominican Republic to diddle little girls. Arresting a pony molesting dude like Decker, guarantees him a long and successful career as a democrat politician.