1001st Blog Entry


THis is my 1001st blog entry. The 1000th is attached. I started this thing back on September 8, 2015, and I’m still plugging along. In case you forgot PORAC stands for Poor Old Raggedy Assed Cop Ponders and is devoted to stuff that interests me.
Interest is a rather broad term. Sometimes it means, hey that’s neat, did you know? Sometimes it means, that’s pretty fucked up (Nomination for a Hero Badge, Stupid Crook Tricks, Crazier than a Shithouse Rat.)
Sometimes I try to set the record straight to show how the law and the cops really work.
Sometimes a blog entry will be short and to the point. Other times I kinda sneak up on a subject and come at it from a direction not anticipated.
I have been chastised for being too direct, too politically incorrect, and too in your face. Well, all I can offer is the same reply the hooker got from the John in response to the question, “Who do you intend to satisfy with that little two-inch dick?”
He replied with a grin, “Me.”
I yam what I yam. What worked on patrol, works here. “This ain’t Burger King, you can’t get it your way.” In the immortal words of Heart attack Hallmark, “Fuck em if they can’t take a joke.”
During the time I have written this blog my readership has remained steady, right around 49 with half returning for continued abuse and half dropping in for the first time never to be seen again. I wonder about one time visitors did they give up on the Internet entirely?
For those that continue to return, thank you. I’m sorry your life didn’t turn out the way you had hoped and circumstances have reduced you to seeking what succor and nurturance I can give. Remember you can find sympathy in the dictionary somewhere between shit and syphilis.
At any rate thanks for stopping by. Try leaving a comment once and a while. NSA has probably already got you on a watch list. May as well go down as a stallion rather than a gelding.